Sunday, January 30, 2011


Angry Heterosexuals Kill innocent David Kato

Fare the Well.
Now that he is dead,having been a gay rights activists are you happy!
Are you any happier
Are you rejoicing
I see Kampala is full of the same amounts of dust,choking all of us' noses,are you any happier?

Is the air you breath, any cleaner now that a gay man is dead
Look at the filth, along Kampala road, and piles of garbage, is the smell you get now any better than living gays, because one of them is dead?
Is your God, you accuse of hating gays, any happier
Bundled in insanity and wizardly, on a hunting spree to kill whoever cross their way-their blood stained paths

The hate speeches you make;
are you now proud,
Are your venomous tongues dilluting hot pepper to add to your hatrade speech
This life shall continue to live. David Kato Lives
Fare the Well

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