Wednesday, November 17, 2010


American Pastors donate US$ 30,000 for gay hatrade newspaper

FOUR American Evangelical Christian Pastors have donated US$30,000 to an HIV/AIDS organisation along Sentema road in Kampala to facilitate the publishing of the Rolling stone tabloid,advocating for hatrade,violence and death against Ugandan homosexuals.The move is to ensure that the money is not frozen by the High Court on Rolling stone account, following a recent high court order against the paper.The latest issue of the rolling stone photographed above claims homosexuals carried out kampala bombings,and were behing al-shabab attacks in Kampala in July 2010.
This time round the pastors are working behind an American trained Ugandan Catholic priest attached to Nalukongo Vulnerable peoples home along Ndeba road in Kampala who is a board member of the NGO. It is not clear if the catholic priest is working as an individual or has institutionalised blessing. If he has institutionalised go-ahead, it will be a departure from the Uganda Joint Christian Council Position, opposing the killing of homosexuals in Uganda. A source close to the HIV/AIDS organisation said the money was wired from Centenary Bank Blue Room branch to the NGO's account (names with held)last week. Uganda has 41%catholics of the 33 million people. The joining together of strategy is a new development in circles advocating the passing of the kill-the-gays-bill. In the recent past an aggressive campaign by radical US evangelical christian pastors to impose their illiterate agenda on Ugandans when they introduced the Anti Homosexuality Bill in Parliament after sponsoring Ndorwa west MP,David Bahati was damaged by strong local and international LGBTI lobbying pressure. One of the campaigns tagged The Call saw demonstration in the United States against a pastor who was importing his hatrade for gays into Uganda.
This time round, the NGO has bosted that the President is likely to pronounce himself on the issue of homosexuality during his seeking re-election campaign trail.

A source at the HIV/AIDS NGO said some of the money would be used to organise a seminar for Catholic youths in Mukono at a school called Namagunga to encourage the youths to " only vote for politicians who make their anti homosexuality agenda" public. Radio announcements have been placed on CBS radio for youths to register.

In another development, Sheikh Shaban Mubajje,yesterday during Iddi el Fitri prayers at Old Kampala, Gaddafi mosque said all leaders who do not pronounce themselves on homosexuality shall be suprised on the voting day in February 2011. His tone was repeated by Sheik kakeeto of the Tabliqs sect during their prayers at Clock Tower mosque. Although the two factions of muslims do not see eye to eye over alleged sell of muslim property in Kampala, Sheikh Mubajje suggested they ( Mubajje group) would conduct an indpendent census of muslims to politically demad government pronounce itself on the gays bill.
He said the Uganda National Bureau of standards was " doctoring" muslims statistics to silence them on matters of national importance " like homosexuality when they say we are a minority"
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